Rhythm & Beauty: The Art of Percussion

Rhythm & Beauty

Rhythm & Beauty: The Art of Percussion is an eclectic sampler informed by Maffit's vision and enthusiasm for percussion. When paired with its partner compact disc, the result is a fascinating look at the world of sound, noise, rhythm, and beauty that lies at the heart of human expression.— Evelyn Glennie (from the Foreword
to the book).

In Rocky's introduction, he states: "This book and it's accompanying recording are an introduction to the sounds, sources, and the physical beauty of the world of percussion. It is a personal and highly subjective view-probably as notable for what it omits as what it includes. Rather than being a musical encyclopedia, this book is the beginning of a journey ..."

Rhythm & Beauty was first published in 1999 by Watson Guptill Publications and reprinted in 2005 as a revised paperback edition by Billboard Books. With beautiful photographs by Chris Brown. Companion music available separately.

Order the book from West Music.

Order companion music at Jhanamusic.com, remixed in 5.1 surround.